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New ‘The Returned’ Stills

I have added four new stills of Mary in Monday night’s (3/23/2015) episode of The Returned titled ‘Julie’. In the episode, Jack and Claire (Mark Pellegrino and Tandi Wright) want to move so Camille (India Ennenga) doesn’t have to hide, but Camille pretends to be a cousin so she can get out of the house. Lena (Sophie Lowe) discovers a mysterious scar on her back, and Victor (Dylan Kingwell) has a run-in with a nosy neighbor.

Head to the gallery to check out the new pics!

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Faults ScreenCaps Plus New Returned Videos/caps

Thanks to Paige, I’ve added screen caps of Mary in her new film Faults. You can view them in the gallery and if you haven’t done so yet, you can watch the film on iTunes or Vimeo.

Also, there are two new videos from episode 2 of The Returned which are now online and you can view below. I have also screen-capped them and you can view them in the gallery as well.


In related news, Netflix picked up global rights for The Returned, meaning that the streaming service and FremantleMedia International have sealed an exclusive, landmark deal for Carlton Cuse’s 10-episode suspense series to launch as a Netflix original beginning March 10 in all regions outside the U.S. and Canada. Episodes will be available weekly for Netflix members to stream within 24 hours of the U.S. broadcast and Netflix will add the series to its North American portfolio next year. You can read more about the deal here.

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New Faults Video Interviews

Now that Faults is out, here are some new video interviews Mary, Riley and Leland did during a press day earlier this week to promote the film. You can rent it or buy it on iTunes or Vimeo.

ComingSoon also caught up with the cast and you can view their video interview by clicking on the link.

And finally, ShockTillYouDrop interviewed Mary about her new series, The Returned debuting Monday night at 10pm on A&E. Read the full interview by clicking on the link provided:

Shock: Were you familiar with the French series when this came around?

Winstead: I was familiar with it in the sense that I had heard of it from friends who have really good taste and had told me that it was a great show, but I hadn’t seen it. Then Carlton contacted me about it and I watched the first episode and thought it was so beautiful. But I decided not to watch any more after that because I knew that I would be totally attached to the way that they did it, particularly with the acting, so I didn’t want to be too swayed by that.

Shock: If someone is going through grief, does having the returned come back actually interrupt that natural process?

Winstead: That’s definitely one of the questions the show explores. There was a question posed at the panel, who would you want to come back? I’m like you. I’ve really only had people die when it was their time, so for me that thought seems really odd and unnatural. It seems like it was right for them to pass when they passed. That’s sort of the natural law of things, but I can only imagine if you had something as traumatizing as a child lost, or someone lost before it was their time to go, how desperately you would want them to be able to come back and how much you would hope for something like that. But, is it a good or bad thing? It’s questionable.

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More ‘Faults’ Interviews and Stills

After posting several new interviews early yesterday afternoon with Mary talking about her film Faults and The Returned, more new interviews are also online. First is one with Rama Screen where they discuss the film and the possibility of a Scott Pilgrim sequel:

Rama’s SCREEN: This movie was your husband’s feature directorial debut and he wrote it as well, so your having worked with many directors before, did you give your husband any input or advice along the way, during the filming process?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: “A little bit, but he knew what he was doing, which I was really impressed by, he’s kind of a natural born leader, which I think is the most important thing in a director. And he’s also spent so much time on set with me just hanging out, and he’s learned so much in just by kind of observing, so I didn’t really have to give him that much advice, which was nice, it was really wonderful to be on set and to watch him in his element doing something that he’s really good at, it was awesome.”

Rama’s SCREEN: I was rooting for you guys, “Scott Pilgrim” back in 2010, but “The Expendables” and “Eat Pray Love” came out on the same weekend and you guys got beaten by those two films. So do you think Edgar Wright will come call you and say ‘Hey, let’s do SCOTT PILGRIM 2!’ or do you not see that happening at all?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: “I don’t see that happening, I think because the film didn’t make a lot of money, I don’t really see the studio backing a sequel for that reason. But I don’t think it needs it either, I think it’s such a great movie on its own, and it will always be there, it will always exist, this great movie that we all made, and that’s certainly enough for me and I think enough for everybody involved. So ya, hopefully we’ll all get to work together again in some capacity because it was a really amazing talented group of people that I’d love to work with again someday, but I highly doubt it will be on the set of Scott Pilgrim 2.”

Next is an interview with ShockYa:

ShockYa (SY): You play Claire, a young woman whose parents are desperate to be reunited with her after she falls under the grip of a mysterious cult, in the new thriller, ‘Faults.’ What was it about the character, as well as the script, that convinced you to take on the role?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (MEW): Well, I was a bit biased from the start, because my husband wrote the script and role for me. So I instantly knew that this was a character I was most likely going to play. It helped that I loved the script so much, and thought the role was so smart, exciting and interesting.

But I did have doubts about whether I’d be able to do the role justice, which was one of my main concerns throughout the process. I wanted to make sure I brought a lot of complexity to the role, and keep the audience engaged in the character. But once I got over those doubts and we were on the set, shooting, I knew I loved this character so much. I had so much fun playing her.

SY: Besides films, you have also starred in several short films and television series throughout your career, including the upcoming supernatural drama series, ‘The Returned.’ What is it about television that you also enjoy working on? How does it compare and contrast to making films, particularly indies like ‘Faults?’MEW: Ultimately, I like to do good material, as well as work with people I like. When I go back and look at all the things I’ve done, I typically chose my roles, based on the scripts and people involved. It doesn’t really matter what type of platform it is, whether it’s a short film, play, TV show or feature; it’s all the same to me, as long as I’m enjoying what I’m doing when I’m there.

The platforms all have their differences. TV is different, as actors are usually closer to the writers than we are on a film. We’re typically closer to directors on a movie than on television. So that’s a bit of a changeover we have to do in our minds, and get used to the different ways of working.

But at the end of the day, it all stems from the script and the material, which you have to be passionate about. That’s what really matters to me.

SY: Speaking of plays, since you’re primarily known for staring in feature films, as well as on shorts and television series, would you also be interested in performing in theater?

MEW: I would love to do theater. There have been a couple scripts that have come my way, which I have tried to get but didn’t, or have been offered to me, but I couldn’t do them because of scheduling. I’m certainly intimidated by theater, but the more people I meet, and the friends I make who are in the theater world, the less scared of it I am. They all tell me I’ll be fine, and it’s all the same, so I should give it a try. They’ve all been encouraging me to do it, so I think I will try it one of these days, whenever I can, and find the right project.

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Lots of New Mary Interviews; New Faults Clip and Stills

Several new interviews with Mary have come online in anticipation for her new film, FAULTS (you can pre-order it on iTunes or Vimeo), and her upcoming show The Returned, debuting on A&E Monday night at 10pm. First up is Mary’s interview with Carson Daly which aired Tuesday night:

Next is a video interview of Mary appearing on KTLA discussing her show The Returned:

Also, Indie Wire has posted a new Faults clip which you can view by clicking on the link along with some new stills which you can view in the gallery.

Finally, BadAss Digest also caught up with Mary to discuss both projects. Click on the link to read on the interview in full. Below are some highlights:

Faults is your husband’s project, but did he intend for you to play the role of Claire from the beginning?

Yeah, I think it was always this unspoken thing. He told me the idea for it and I loved the idea. And then every ten pages or so he would kind of show it to me, and for the first thirty pages or so, my character doesn’t come into it at all, but I immediately loved it. I was like, this is going to be an amazing movie and I can’t wait to see what role I’m going to be playing in it and what it’s going to be like. It was always kind of understood that I would play it, although when I started reading it I wasn’t really sure if I was the right person for it, and I would get worried about that. But I kind of just trusted him in that he trusted me, and I kind of had to have faith in him, and it all worked out.

Is it easier for you to find those roles in indie films versus bigger studio movies? 

Oh definitely. I think everybody gets bogged down in what they think will sell, and for whatever reason, people have decided that movies about women don’t sell, or that women who are not exactly the perfect archetype of the girl next door don’t really sell. There’s all these sort of things that we hear all the time about what sells and what doesn’t sell, but it doesn’t really make sense to me. Obviously there’s a lot of great, female-led franchises right now with young women that are selling great and doing really well. So I think we’re all just kind of, like, wondering when that tide is really going to change, or when that dialogue is going to change because I feel like they all keep saying that, but that’s actually starting to prove to not always be correct. I’m hoping that’s eventually going to change.

Were you a fan of the original series before you signed on for the U.S. version?

I had heard of it and I had a lot of friends who told me about it, and I knew that it was good because those friends are people with some good taste. I was intrigued because of that, and I was sent the first two scripts and I loved them. And I loved the role and how emotional it was and how kind of haunting it was. So I’m drawn to it immediately, and I’m kind of one of those people who, if I like the material, I’m kind of hooked from that point on. I then went and watched the first episode of the original immediately and I thought it was so beautiful, and so I stopped watching it because I knew if I watched any more I would be, like, scared to do it or I would get something in my head about the way the original actress performed the part and all that stuff. So I decided not to watch it, but I went back and watched it after we finished shooting our first season. I thought it was really beautiful, but I was kind of relieved to see how different ours actually was at the end of the day.

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New The Returned Video

I have screen-capped Mary’s scenes in a behind the scenes video detailing the world of The Returned, which I previously posted about here. You can check out the caps by heading to the gallery. If for some reason the video doesn’t work because of where you live, view it using the Youtube vid below. Mary’s new show will debut Monday, March 9th at 10pm on A&E.


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Behind the Scenes of The Returned

A&E has posted a behind the scenes video detailing how they created the world of The Returned. You can check out the video below. And while you’re there, be sure to see the bio for Mary’s character, Rowan.

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New Faults Stills and Trailer for The Returned

The Film Society Lincoln Center’s 15th edition of Film Comment magazine has announced it’s new film festival line-up and among the many movies is Mary’s latest film, Faults. The movie will play Monday, February 23 at 8:30 pm. Tickets are available on the site which you can purchase here. New stills have also been released which you can view in the gallery.

Also, IGN has premiered a brand new trailer for Mary’s new show, The Returned, based on the French series Les Revenants. View the trailer below and head to the gallery to check out the full set of trailer screencaps.

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New The Returned Clip

Below is a new featurette on how artist Dirk Dzimirsky created the character drawings for the A&E series The Returned. The show will premiere next month, March 9, at 10pm. You can see Mary’s drawing as her character Rowan in the gallery. Incredibly beautiful drawings.