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Fargo Season 3, Episode 2 screencaps

Screencaps of Mary in the second episode of Fargo have been added to the gallery. Check them out here:

A preview of next week’s episode:

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Emmys, FX to Host A Fargo FYC Event

The Emmys, in conjunction with FXP will be hosting a special screening and discussion with the cast of FX’s Fargo. The event, scheduled to take place on May 11 at 7pm, will feature the cast of Fargo including:

  • Ewan McGregor
  • Carrie Coon
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • David Thewlis
  • Olivia Sandoval
  • Noah Hawley, executive producer
  • John Cameron, executive producer
  • Warren Littlefield, executive producer

Only Television Academy National Active Members with valid membership cards will be admitted. Seating is subject to availability; first come, first served. Admittance is not guaranteed. Registering must be done by May 5.

The 2017 Emmys ceremony will happen on September 17, 2017.

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Mary Is Redefining the Femme Fatale Role

Elle Magazine interviewed Mary on how she was initially skeptical to join the world of Fargo, take on television projects, breaking the mold of the femme fatale role, and hoping to work with more female directors in the future. Click the link to read the interview in full. Some highlights are below:

On being skeptical of turning Fargo into a TV series:
“I’ve been a huge fan of the movie since I was really young. I remember falling so in love with everything about it, particularly Frances McDormand’s performance as Marge. So when I heard they were doing a series, I was terrified. I actually met with [showrunner] Noah Hawley about the first season, but I ended up not being available, and then when I saw the show I was like, ‘Okay, I need to make myself available!’ So when he called about this season I said yes without hesitation, without reading anything or knowing anything about my character.”

On taking her time to take on television projects:

“I was slow to get on the TV bandwagon, because I was so attached to doing movies, and I’m still not willing to completely let that go. But at the same time, as movies and the way they’re made has started to change, the fact that television exists as a platform for creative people to tell the stories they really want to tell is a blessing. As soon as I caught onto what was happening, I embraced it wholeheartedly, because really it doesn’t matter. We just want to do good work, and if TV is the place that’s giving us those opportunities then so be it. I hope to continue to do both, and I also hope that maybe some of this TV success that’s been happening will rejuvenate the film industry a little bit too, and bring back some non-action blockbuster movies to theaters.”

On playing the role of Nikki Swango:

She’s incredibly smart and morally ambiguous, but she has such a positivity and a warmth underneath the hardened ex-con exterior. I didn’t have to try and play her as some sort of femme fatale cliché. That ‘Life’s a journey’ line she has…she just has such a bubbliness about her! I would have been bored if she had to be this sexy, serious bitch character, and I hope the audience will grow to like her despite her actions throughout the season.”

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Yahoo! Interviews Mary After Episode 3×02 of Fargo

If you haven’t seen 3×02 of FX’s Fargo, it’s better to skip reading this interview until after you’ve seen it. Some spoilers will be talked about, but I’ll place them under the cut. Yahoo! TV interviewed Mary after the second aired tonight, and while we’ll get to hear about why Nikki was originally locked up, the craziness has yet to begin on the show. Click the link to read the full interview:

How did the role come about for you?

I’ve kind of been in touch with Noah over the past couple of years. We’ve talked about roles in other seasons, and schedules just never lined up. You know, I think we’ve always just sort of had a mutual fandom for each other. Certainly after I saw the first couple of seasons, I was dying to be a part of it. When he called and asked if I was available [for Season 3], I said, “Yes,” without hesitation. I didn’t ask what the role was, or what the story was, or anything. I totally jumped right in. It was probably the first and only time I’ve ever done that, where I’ve just said yes to something without even reading it because I just had so much trust that whatever the role was, it was going to be so layered and exciting and fun to do. I had no doubts, especially as a female character, that he would bring so much to it, because of what he had done in the past two seasons.

And was Nikki even beyond your expectations of what your character would be?
It was so not what I was expecting. It was such an exciting surprise. I thought that I would be playing a really polite housewife or something. I never expected that I’d be on Fargo playing this brash, sexy Fargo universe of a femme fatale. It’s been so much fun and beyond anything that I could have imagined. At first glance, I thought, “Really? He wants me to play this part? Am I really this girl?” Then once I got into it, I was like, “Oh, yeah. I am this girl!” I’m actually really comfortable with this, just having the time of my life.

Continue reading Yahoo! Interviews Mary After Episode 3×02 of Fargo

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Mary Discusses Playing A “sexy” Character on Fargo

We’ve already seen Mary being sexy and intelligent after last week’s season 3 premiere of Fargo. Ahead of the new episode airing later tonight, Glamour Magazine sat down with Mary while she was in town briefly and discussed how playing the role of Nikki Swango has helped her be more confident, meeting Riley on a cruise, and hoping to work with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins in the future. Click the link above to read the full Q&A:

Glamour: With all the roles that you’ve played, what role shaped you the most as an actress?

Mary: This little movie I did called Smashed with Aaron Paul five or six years ago. That totally changed the way I saw myself as an actor and types of roles that I wanted to play. It really just set me in a clear direction in terms of what I wanted to do.

Glamour: And what did you want to do?

Mary: Just knowing that I had the complexity and the capacity as an actor to play the kinds of roles I always wanted to play. I think I had always wanted to go down a certain road, but I had insecurities about whether or not I could really focus on that. So when I did that, it felt so good. I realized these kinds of complex roles and this kind of material is what I can steer myself towards. I don’t have to worry if I’m good enough for it.

Glamour: It’s so true, and I love that you’re saying that. You can be the best and still doubt yourself.

Mary: Yeah, even now I’m so much more confident than when I did [Smashed]. It’s taken me a lot of time to get to that place—my confidence and being comfortable in my own skin and my body and being able to play a role like Nikki that’s sexy.

Glamour: Tell me more about why playing a “sexy” role like this was something you tried to steer yourself away from.

Mary: Sometimes you get in your head. I didn’t want to play these kinds of roles because I was like, “I don’t want to be seen that way. I don’t want to be seen as sexy because that’s not interesting or substantive.” But then you get a role like this, where she’s sexy but she’s also a billion other things, and then you can really embrace that side of her and yourself and feel good about it.

Glamour: With all the talented people you’ve worked with, who has taught you the most?

Mary: In the last few years I’ve gotten to work with more female directors, which is awesome, but still not enough. I’ve only worked with a few in the course of a 15-year career now. But one woman who I love, and I hope to work with again, is Patty Jenkins, who directed [the upcoming] Wonder Woman. We did a pilot together, and I was so in awe of her energy and her stamina and her passion and the way that she articulated the way that she wanted things in a strong and compassionate way. She was somebody going forward I would like to emulate. I don’t know if I will direct, but I have aspirations to maybe do something like that or producing. I just loved the way she handled herself.


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Fargo 3×02 Stills

Episode stills for episode2 of Fargo have been released and I’ve added Mary’s two pics to the gallery. Airing tonight at 10pm, the plot follows Gloria dealing with the aftermath of a crime, Vargas makes a move, and Ray and Nikki move on to Plan B.

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Mary Talks Fargo with TV Line

TV Line caught up with Mary to discuss her FX show Fargo. Below are highlights, but click on the link to read the full interview:

TVLINE | What was your reaction when this opportunity came along? Did you follow Fargo‘s first two seasons at all?
I had. I actually had been talking to Noah [Hawley] for a couple years about possibly doing Fargo, about something with him at some point, but I was never available, so nothing ever came of most of our discussions. So when he called and asked if I was available for this I just said yes, right away. After having seen the last two seasons I knew that every character that he writes is so dimensional and exciting — particularly the female characters, which are so wonderful. I had no doubts that it was something I wanted to be a part of.

TVLINE | What does Nikki want in this world? Does she want the ring, money? Or would she be content placing second in the tri-county bridge tournament?
I think she has very big dreams for her life and her life with Ray. I don’t think she’s using him for money or any of those things, but she has this idealized version of what she thinks her life should be. I think she sees them living in a big house and they have everything that they want. Shes big on visualizing and living forward and positive thinking. She believes that as a team they’re going to win the game of life together.

TVLINE | Ewan obviously goes through quite a transformation to become Ray vs. Emmit. Was this the first time a male costar of yours took longer in hair and makeup?
I think the only other time was when I did Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, where Ben Walker went through hours of makeup to turn himself into Abe Lincoln every day. That’s the only other time I could remember feeling so bad for my male costar — but it’s such a rarity. I “feel bad” for them but I love the rare opportunity to spend a fraction of time in the hair and makeup trailer than the male costar does.

TVLINE | He’s [showrunner Noah Hawley] in an amazing groove right now. If you caught any of Legion, and the fact that he fit that among these three seasons of Fargo
It’s unimaginable to me. It’s so beyond my mental capacity to even think about how one person could do all that. I’m totally in awe of his abilities, constantly, especially getting every script and being so surprised and shocked and excited, every single time. I don’t want to give anything away, but I would have never imagined Nikki Swango would end up where she is now, in the stuff we’re shooting [this week]. It’s all so unexpected and wonderful.

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Mary on Hollywood Today Live!

Early this morning, Mary stopped by Hollywood Today Live to talk all things “Fargo”, her character’s accent (who is actually from Chicago), working with Ewan McGregor, and if she ever keeps any mementos from the films she’s worked on. You can view the videos below and head to the gallery to check out photos of her on the set:


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Mary and Talk ‘Fargo’ visited Mary on the set of FX’s Fargo recently where she talked about how she immediately said yes to Noah Hawley’s new project before reading a script, how much she loves playing the role of Nikki Swango, and how much she loves working with her co-star Ewan McGregor. Click the link above read about one of her crazier on set moments and staying warm day after day while filming:

I love how all the seasons of Fargo feature super strong women, from our beloved Molly Solverson to Floyd Gerhardt. Why were you were drawn to Nikki Swango?
I was very excited to be on the show partly for that reason. I said yes before I even knew what the part was, which I’ve never done before. Noah and I had a little relationship of having a couple meetings over the years and so he personally reached out to me and I just went, “Yes! Absolutely. Whatever it is.” And so, I knew whatever it was going to be great. I had no doubt about that and then I read the role and it was just so unexpected for me to be cast in it, for one thing.

How come?
I just don’t usually get offered these roles of women who lead with their sex appeal.

Why do you think that is?

It’s something I steered away from for a long time, so I think people just don’t associate that with me. Now I’m more comfortable playing those roles because I don’t feel as nervous about falling into some trap. And I certainly don’t feel nervous about that in this role because I know that there is no character who is just one thing and that’s very much the case with Nikki. She’s crafty and alluring and she’s like a cat. She’s also very hopeful and optimistic and full of positivity and life. It’s not like this standard femme fatale kind of thing; she’s actually very sweet at the core of it. Being able to play all those layers has been so great. I feel so lucky.

What are some of the ways you and Ewan have crafted a fresh relationship you haven’t seen on-screen before?

We fell into it pretty naturally. We just have such a good time together in the scenes and a lot of that speaks to the writing because it’s supposed to be that they’re totally head over heels for each other. When I’m playing Nikki, I feel that so much for him with the prosthetics and the hair and all. I’m just so in love with him and we feel that energy that those characters are meant to feel for each other, which is that they really come together and feed off one another and she gives him this positivity that he needs to really feel like the man that he wants to be. She gets to call the shots and always be one step ahead, which is where she wants to be in a relationship and he gives that to her.

Was wearing the thigh-high boots tough?

On the snow it’s been interesting. Yesterday, I had some physical scenes sliding around on the snow and the ice, so it’s been interesting working with the wardrobe department on how to make things work, but they’re used to it. They’ve done two seasons now so they’re always one step ahead of me in that department.